Free Invitation Downloads


DO NOT edit the files in your browser. Make sure to save to your computer and edit only in the Adobe Reader program.
DO NOT edit using a phone or other touchscreen device. These require a computer or laptop.

1. Save the file to your hard drive. Open Adobe Reader. (You can download it from Then go to File > Open, and open the template you saved.

2. To personalize the info, just type over the default text.

3. To change the fonts, size, and/or color. Press “Ctrl + E” and these options will pop up. Note that if you change the default font, you will be limited to fonts that you have installed on your computer. You can save your changes at any time and come back to your file as many times as needed. When you are finished personalizing the text, save and print!

To use your file for digital media (text / email / social media /evite, etc.):

1. Edit the file the way you want and save.
2. Go to Edit > Take a Snapshot. You will now be able to click and drag a box around one of the invitations. After releasing the mouse, you’ll get a message that the area has been copied. Paste into an email or paint program to save as a picture.

To make an image (.JPG) file if your printer requires it:

1. Edit the file the way you want and save.
2. Go to: and convert the .PDF to .JPG format. It will give you two on a page.
3. Save that .JPG file then open it in Microsoft paint. Use the crop tool to crop it to a single invitation and re-save.

The invitation is formatted to 5“x7” and will take A7 size envelopes.

Trouble with your file?

1. Make sure you are using Reader Version XI or newer (11). Earlier versions are not compatible and cause problems saving the files or may change the fonts and layout. Download the latest version at

2. Mac Users, make sure the file is opening in Reader, NOT in Preview. Instead of double-clicking the file, open Reader first, then Go to File> Open, and open your template.

3. This template does NOT work on a phone, tablet, or other touchscreen device